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What is the application process?

We have a straightforward Producer Application which can be found at the top right via our Apply Today! button.

What are you looking for in an applicant?

Each surety company has its own guidelines and underwriting criteria. However, the following basic factors will be taken into consideration.

Capacity - Does the applicant have the skill and ability to perform the obligation?

Capital - Does the financial condition of the applicant justify approval of the particular risk?

Character - Does the applicant's record reflect a good character and very likely assume responsibility to perform the obligation he or she assumes?

What if I already use another insurance company?

There is nothing wrong with having two insurance companies. We are happy to work with you as your secondary provider. It is always good to have a backup you can count on!

What kind of Electronic Monitoring do you offer?

While Electronic Monitoring has been around since the 1960s, recent advances in GPS and cell phone technology have brought it to the attention of the criminal justice system throughout the country. This technology, combined with prison overcrowding and the high cost of incarceration, has led to an explosion in the electronic monitoring market. Here's your chance to be at the forefront of the revolution.

There are multiple benefits in using electronic monitoring, and many ways to monitor offenders, including:

  • Detention: Home detention typically requires offenders to be at home during established curfew hours that you set.

  • Restriction: Electronic Monitoring also may be used to keep an individual out of certain areas, or away from specific people.

  • Surveillance: An offender can be continuously tracked and monitored, so you know where they go, without actually restricting movement.

  • Breath Testing: Highly accurate breath alcohol testing can be done from the home with color picture verification.

  • Multilingual Voice Verification: This tool is ideal for passive presence monitoring to verify an offender's presence at a certain location.

What if I am new to Bail Bonding?

Whether you are new to the business or operating an established bail bond company, we can assist with collaborative marketing and other growth strategies that will create a competitive advantage in your local market.
We offer extensive training and a complete solution when it comes to the successful operation of your business. Our team of experienced professionals - available to you 24/7 - provides assistance with underwriting reports, forfeitures, exonerations, and other daily administrative functions, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

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